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Carol Shwanda chronicles her blended family's lives and experiences offering hope, guidance, wisdom, inspiration and humor to anyone who is in or about to enter into a blended family.

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I would like my blog to be a forum for my readers to share their stories and experiences and express their views and opinions about being a part of a blended family. I am working on a book tentatively titled:Blended Family Stories. It will be an in depth look at the real life challenges and joys of successful blended families. If you would like to be part of my research I'd love to hear from you.Take my Blended Family survey

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    Last night was back to school night at my daughter Sophia’s high school. She is in 10th grade. That’s ten years of back to school nights. Sometime they have them twice a year so figure 20 back to school nights times five kids, that makes 100 back to school nights for me. I probably should not admit this, but I hate back to school night. I see them now as a chore or something I have to endure, like acid washed jeans in the ’80’s. Just wake me up when it’s over.

    It is not that I don’t just love hearing about linear equations or molecular biology (what the hell are they talking about??) and I certainly would never knock the hard work and dedication of the wonderful teachers and staff of my kids’ schools. No. It’s not that. It is the parents I cannot stand. The same over bearing, self-aggrandising bores that have been monopolizing the teachers’ time since first grade. UGH#&$!!!  I call them The Preparation H crowd as in, “My kid’s going to Harvard.” These are the ones with  over-scheduled kids who went from soccer practice to piano lessons, topped off in the evening at the church youth group.

    Personally, I have always felt that that kind of over activity and pressure would eventually lead to burnout and rebellion and sadly, that has turned out to be true in the case with some of my daughter’s peers. Don’t get me wrong. I am a strong proponent of keeping kids busy and occupied, it is what keeps them out of trouble.  It is the unnecessary over-involvement in their lives that I believe causes long term harm. How is your child ever going to think for herself if she doesn’t have time to think for herself or worse, if you do everything for her? By micromanaging their kids’ lives, I think some parents today are doing their children a huge disservice. Not me.

    I have to confess that I do feel a little bit guilty some days when I’m dropping my kids off at school and I see the other kids’ moms standing around chatting in their jogging outfits while I’m barely stopping the car as I throw their back packs out the window. What others may see as a pitfall of a large family, I see as a blessing. I’m too busy to get too involved in my kids’ lives and you know what? They are doing just fine.

    Published on February 11, 2009 · Filed under: BLENDED FAMILIES;
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